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Dermalogica Spa Body Treatments

Revitalising, therapeutic effect treatments to detoxify the body, destress the mind and revitalise the skin.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapies
45 Minutes£37
Hydroxy Acid, Mineral Salts customised with energised oil. Exfoliates skin leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Body Exfoliation Therapy
45 Minutes£37
Give your body the customised exfoliation it needs coupled with thermal warmth a sensation it craves leaving your skin smooth [**CONTAINS WALNUTS**].

Power Recovery Therapy
1 hour 10 Minutes£42
Skin that is in need of repair from UV exposure, Body wrap dedicated to feeding skin with wheat proteins, Hone to hydrate, wasabi, ginger, white tea stimulate blood circulation to prompt healthy skin.

Nourishing Mud Therapy
1 hour 10 Minutes£42
Purify mud wrap cleanses and detoxifies drawing out impurities while stimulating circulation encouraging absorption nourishing botanicals.

Dermalogica Back Therapy
60 Minutes£37
Designed to reduce muscle stress, remove impurites from skin. Deep cleansing scrub followed by extractions then aromatherapy massage to releive aching muscles.